It started as a family tradition

In 2010 the first ever paramotor expedition in the Amazon River Basin followed along the Black River, when the Laghi family accompanied by friends flew their paramotors with a boat as support from Manaus to Barcelos, while crossing over two of the biggest river archipelago in the world.

It became a full time mission

Raphael Laghi then felt the urge to share these amazing adventures with more pilots. After accumulating more than 1000 hours of flight and becoming an instructor, he was ready to start offering his services as an XC guide. Together with his wife Marília Reis and an amazing crew, he started organizing flying expeditions to the most iconic spots across the country.

And we are now expanding to even more places

There is something for every pilot. We offer paraglider and paramotor expeditions picked carefully to make the most of flying conditions all year round. In Brazil, every month of the year has some place that is working, and if the place you want to go to is not in our calendar, do contact us for a trip tailored for you (minimum 3 pilots).


Raphael Laghi

Trip organizer and XC/paramotor guide

Paraglider and paramotor/paratrike instructor for 5 years. Over 10 years of flying experience. In love with distance flights.

Vagner Campos

XC guide

Eight years of experiece paragliding, instructor and XC trainer for 4 years. Achieved the Straight Distance to a Declared Goal World Record in 2017 taking off from Caicó. Participated in many PWCs and Brazilians, always getting good positions.

Marília Reis

Trip coordinator and graphic designer

Paragliding since 2017 and paramotoring since 2018. Marília takes care of all things graphic and is our trip coordinator and sometimes flying buddy.

Gabriel Laghi

XC and paramotor guide

Paraglider instructor and paramotor pilot. Over 8 years of experience in both.

Lula Laghi

Paramotor guide

Hangglider, paraglider and paramotor instructor and legend of flying sports in Brazil. Over 35 years experience and one of the pioneers of the sport in Brazil. He was president of the Brazilian Association of Free Flight (current CBVL) and also one of the owners of Prodelta Hangglider factory and school.

José Laghi

Paramotor guide

Hangglider, paraglider and paramotor pilot. Over 30 years of experience with hanggliders and trikes and 20 years of experience with paramotors and paragliders.



Santo Antônio do Pinhal, SP Brazil