Long XC flights, 6+ m/s ascents, big flat landings. This is true for the whole “cerrado” area, a region in the center of Brazil that is similar to some places in Spain and Portugal. What is peculiar about Iporá is that it is such a safe place to take off from: the mountain is cone-shaped without any obstacles to create rotor around and the location of the take off creates a micro-environment that decelarates the wind there, so while in nearby take offs it is overblown, in Ipora you can easily take off. But don’t worry: during your flight you will get the characteristic strong winds that will help you go these extra quilometers in the end!

Some interesting formations appear during your flight, check the pictures out! The most common flight there follows the asphalt road and the record is 300+km. Every year pilots are gathering in this newborn site to chase bigger distances.

If you happen to bomb out, there is a waterfall really close to the oficial landing.

Practical Info

WayPoint: -16.421677, -51.040576
Altitude: 850m
Prominence: 380m
Quadrants: N, NO, NE, E, SE, S
Acess: Located at the west portion of the Goiás state, 200km from Goiânia, 230km from Jataí, 450km from Brasília. The take off is 8km East from Iporá, at the km 5 of the state road GO-320 towards Ivolândia. Take a left and for 3km further to the peak. There are road signs saying “Rampa de Vôo Livre”.
Take off: There is space for a few gliders to take off at the same time. The E/NE/N take off counts with synthetic grass and a ‘Sol Paragliders’ covered area for setting up your equipement in the shadow, with electric energy and free wifi. There are also N and S take offs closeby.
Landing: Big areas without obstacles, normally flat. Rescue is also easy, with the main flight (NE) going along a good asphalt road.
Best season: Best from July to September, but it is possible to fly all year through.
Contact: CVLI – Clube de Voo Livre de Iporá (clubecvli.com.br ou 064 984207601)
Pros: Take off site close to the city. Possible to fly all year through. Excelent in terms of safety: no obstacles to create rotor and the cone shaped mountain makes it possible to glide away from it if the wind gets too strong. Strong conditions for XC flight, easy routes for rescue, and many flight routes along good roads. Allows for the take off of several pilots at once. Public Hospital in the region, SAMU emergency services and Firefighters.
Cons: 3 km of dirt road with loose rocks, highly recommended to use a 4×4 vehicle.

This is a series called #flyinginbrazil, in which we will present our favorite flying spots, from the famous ones to the hidden gems. Special thanks to @cbvl.oficial for the series “Rampas do Brasil”

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